Hi guys.

I hope someone willing to take my plot here.

They know they are not completely gay (like Bisex), with the hard obstacle of being together after the splits also because how homophobic south korea and fans, they agree to broke up and moved on. They started dating woman/girl like the main purpose of their break up, hoping love will match them with a woman. after one or two relationship, yunho give up for trying to love another woman, he still falls over heels over Jaejoong, while jaejoong enjoying the relationship with a girl that he tought he loves her as much as he loves yunho back then, so seeing jaejoong is happy with this girl, yunho decided won't tried to get jaejoong back and jj not even aware of it. yunho getting more focused with TVXQ with changmin help. until someday japanese media make a rumor about spotting yunho dating a japanese guy in Japan that makes Jaejoong unconsciously jealous. JJ ask yh whether the info was right or not and said he is happy for him in denial when yh said it's not true and end up saying 'The only man that I love is only you' and make things awkard after that. for weeks Yh finally forget about those incident but suddenly jj ask him to meet him somewhere. jj welcomed him with a words 'i think you are also the only person that i love so much until it's hurts' with a uncertaintly smile and they end up starting everything slowly again.

is that cheesy?
I want a serious story. like focusing on how they tried to move on but failed. :D
hope someone willing to take this plot.

SM tentative Group 'Four Season'

Heechul Interview

I have talked bout this before but we had a tentative team with Yunho and Jaejoong and Kangin..

The team name was "Four Seasons" with one person being spring and another summer....

I was a terrible dancer.. but Yunho was a great dancer. So I would dance
with Yunho with my shoe off, like *imitating super powerful dance move
that he can* So i danced like my bones were gonna break..

I really hate doing physical things... but I danced so hard all night..

If four of us have a fight, we act like we will never talk to each other again..

The company created all these teams for practice.. Our team had the
strongest spirit/aura and we'd never be intimidated by anyone.. and talk
really well.. the four of us were pretty good looking.. and Jaejoong
sang really well.. and yunho danced well and Kangin talked really well..

But if we have a fight, we'd break things.

MC: What would you fight about?

Very small things. We had a sed budget for food and we'd be eating pork
cutlets.. we'd eat this much and eat more cutlets and if one person
takes a piece..

"hey! Why are you taking my cutlet!!"

"hyung!! I'm just taking one!!"

and the other person from the side would go "Why do you fight over things
like this?" and "can't you be quiet?" and the four of us would throw
things and fight and after 5 minutes, we'd make up again..

MC: Did you know then that you'd all be so successful?

We didn't. We just likes being trainees together. We just likes hanging out together.. the four of us.. it was really fun.

now Uknow Yunho and Hero Jaejoong.... now Uknow Yunho is DBSK's Leader,
right? but he used to be our youngest. he was so cute and full of
aegyo.. now he is so manly.

MC: Who was the leader then?

was the leader. I was the oldest.. but the company said that if I were
the leader.. I wouldn't pay any attention to the team and it would break
up.. but we really an extra ordinary team.. We were a team that broke
things whenever we fought..
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Love and Grief in Managing A Fansite

It's been 6 months eversince I/We running our fansite (I refused to say it a fanbase cause fanbase is a lot heavier.. I like fansite more. Cause I only needed to update our site whenever we have time, while fanbase it takes more time like more real time info cause it is on twitter). I started with a thoughts 'How bout running a fansite for him as Indonesian fans' when he was about to come to Jakarta in November 3rd.. I am won't lie I was kind of pissed cause the green supported light things. I just love red as our main color. Beside it won't differentiate their fans (like you know green is JJ's, purple/blue is YC's and Pink is JS's). Like all red.. They doesn't need to know who has the most supporter and the fact that C-Jes selling red lightstick is showing what color he wants us to be. Okay it is never ending dispute. Cause we refused each other ideas.

I gather the groups by people in my timeline who willing to work together to make it happens. And tbh ALL of us is blind with the fansite things :P. Since there are JYJ fans only Fanbase/Fansite in Indonesia, so I want us to be the OT5 site. It doesn't mean we should do something with the blog with our OT5 feels (like 'hell ya. We are ot5. non OT5 go away.' No. I don't want that). I need someone who are OT5 and it is okay to be a shipper or not, as long as she doesn't share hate in this newly fansite. I told them what I want, because my self is a shipper and ot5. It shouldn't bugging our works in the fansite. like fansite is fansite. we need to be neutral there. and you are free outside of it. All I ask is we only focus on updating his news there, and only him.

And yet we got some hurtful rumors that 100% a slander from JYJ fans only. It is started when one of the fans asking is whether us shipping any pairing or not. And I surely said 'We don't against any shipping things with anyone.' and the next scene is us to be called as the one who selling yunjae tshirt that they have been working on reporting as spam that days. Since they are too coordinate and thick head or simply refuse to know the truth, the slander become wider and wider. Some starting talking non-appropiate words and mention us. and I ofc cannot stay still, it's been 2 week but we already come to this obstacle. I got stressed. To be honest, I never felt that hurted by them before 'the attack'. Like when people saying bad about them I kind of not siding to any side. but eversince that, I become more sceptical with them. Feels like you entering to the new school and then people started to hostile us before we tried our best. Then my friend who happened to run OT5 fanbase told me 'Why don't you try to promote this fansite to other OT5 fanbase in indonesia' and with her help I started look for a company (?). and after a while (like a week) they started to ignore us so we are in peace (still with wrong judgement tho) and I also tried to ignore hurtful comments. I am not saying what I did is the right move, but it was in my view :p (thick headed me).

We also make a huge red banner at his fanmeet :D ah there is another story about this. It won't makeit if everybody around me not supporting me :D I just send my application to hang a banner later in the venue just for an experiment without thinking they would accept it without the others knows bout it. then a few days later ta da.. they announce that my banner is accepted. I was just like O_O 'What I need to do now with no money. but it is a waste if I just let it pass.' I just barely bought the ticket (it was the cheapest). Then the others started asking me did I send it or How we make it LOL. After that we start discussing about the funds. We able to cover it for a small banner. but then someone said 'how bout we ask people to donate to our banner?' then I was like 'Eii.. Who gonna donate us..'. but I still try it tho :D and with the help from some people, we able to make bigger banner and even has some money left, so we decided to make some idcard for let people know our fansite. :D and some A3 poster for the donatur (not all of them tho and I felt sorry bout it T^T). It was memorable time :D

And now we are 6 months already... We are still a small groups tho :D we started with 4 members and adding 3 more people in few month so we are in total 7 person.

Each of us responsible for one day. At the beginning it was too much for us. You know He got active end of 2012 until early 2013. So we kind of helping the person who updating in friday-sunday. In those time I become aware how many fansite across the world who took his pic in airport and concert... esp the one in shanghai. the pics seriously A LOT LOT LOT. I only sucess gather like 500 pics but it is only 1/3 in total. Damn this powerful fanbases :D We also started with how awkward we are to trans the news with bahasa LOL... It is just weird. and somewhat helps me with my vocabulary.

I started to know TVXQ in late 2008. and got active in 2009 (as a fan) before my english seriously a worrisome. In my 3rd year in Junior hight i have been told that I can be not graduated because of my english. It was that bad. My english test never got decent score. Until now I still cannot write in tenses. all you can see my english totally fail in tenses. Still poor.. But at least because of this fandom my english improved, not in tenses but keep adding my vocabulary. at least I can talk with someone in twitter with non-my-mom-language :D

Lastly... I hope we will running this site for as long as we can and not let them died halfway~ let's work hard :D

You must be bored reading this right? :P

and don't ask me what did I said above. I don't think about it, all I know is typing and typing. :D

and please tolerated my fail english..

If you don't know what I am talking bout. then let it go... because I don't plan to introduce it. But i think you would know if you are my friends :D


1. We cannot run from troubles and face it calmly (trying to understand others) as the time passed.

2. Managed a fansite/fanbase is not that easy but not that hard too. We have to commited.  In the same time we need to live our life.

3. Be brave and do not think too much for deciding something that you think it would be great.

Fan Account Tarantallegra Concert in Jakarta june 16th, 2012

I hesitated between writing a fanaccount or not since my english is pretty bad.. so yeah for my own sake, for my memories, before I forget the detail in the future, I decided to write a fanaccount..

I went to Jitec at 3pm. I went there with my cousin (@jaerisu) and my mom.. I am the only one who had a ticket at that time.. my cousin and mom went to searched cheap ticket before queue.. so I am the only one who in the line, confused
and with no friends. the staff asked my area seat to come first but I decline it and wait for my cousin and mom.. the a few minutes passed, both of them got the cheap ticket. and it is really cheap. 1/3 my price...

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[drabble] may 31th, 2012

yunho kissing his lover who under his deep sleep gently, brushing his lips softly at the pouty lips. he brushing his fingers in his lover cheeks and wishpering 'my baby boo.. wake up please' in 3am seoul time.
the lover man open his eyes slowly after getting kissed multiple time. 
'Hey baby' yunho watch his lover eyes with much love.
'hm... yunhoya... when did you arrived? I tought you wouldn't make it tonight' said the lover man. 'and I almost- wow... whoa.... you did this?' 
yunho only smile seeing his lover surprised face. he decorate his lover rooms with a lot of sweet candle on the floor. setting up some relaxing fragrance and bring him a buquet of lilies.
'do you like it?' 
'hm.... I love it' said the lover man and deepened their kiss.
'happy anniversary my baby love. thank you for keep loving me.'
'yunhoya...' tears start pooling in the beautiful man eyes. 'I love you so much. thanks for keep fighting for me.'

Report post

Tohoshinki PATI PATI BEST SELECTION interview

This issue brings to you the photos and special interviews done for the
songs that are included in their best album, [BEST SELECTION 2010],
which will be released on 17 February!

Let's look back on the candid interviews that were done with these regulars of PATI PATI.


This single was released in October 2008 as the title song, which is energetic and sexy, for their 4th Korean album.
last year's arena tour, they coordinated their dance moves with large
screen LCDs and gave an exciting performance to the audience.
If one
mentions 2008, one will definitely remember [PURPLE LINE], released in
January that year, that allowed them to achieve their first Oricon Chart
Through this single they also made a new record of number one singles and made that year an undeniable of number ones.

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[TRANS] TVXQ’s Hairstylist Interview (11 Nov 2008)

Our Japanese reporter went to Korea to interview TVXQ’s hairstylist on the 11th!

“Hairstyles change about once every two weeks. To Korean celebrities, this is a first,” says charismatic Kanho, who is TVXQ’s hairstylist.

Fans must have been very surprised at the hairstyles TVXQ had when they came to Japan on the 16th for their new single, “Mirotic,” fanmeet, right?

Truthfully, the man behind such image changes is a hyung TVXQ respects, Mr. Kanho. He is owner of “the RED CARPET,” a very popular hari salon in Seoul, and in both private and business matters is a great supporter of TVXQ.

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