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Keeping the Faith~ Eternaly

Jaejoong biased

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Keeping the faith

About Me

My name Irene.. I am 22.. And from Indonesia.. You can found me in twitter. Easily to get excited with something. But I never hooked with another group Kpop or Jpop before TVXQ. An OT5.

東方神起 and JYJ

I become their fans since 2008.. The first MV that I saw was Rising Sun. Since then I really amazed with TVXQ. I fallen for their looks, their voice and (the main Point) their personality. I love the way they make me smile in variety show. I love the way they show their love to each other. they taught me what friendship are, how to survive and how to except others decision.

재중 & 윤호

I love Jaejoong and Yunho the most. I love them a bit more :p Both of them has their plus and minus. That what make them human. I even sniff jaejoong and he smell nice and for extended his head smell like human (?) LOL Am still waiting for the time meeting Yunho. will I ever met him close like Jaejoong? :D maybe I would me much crazier when meeting Yunho

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